primobolan course

primobolan course

Primobolan is not as strong as its older brothers, it inhibits the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes arc, but even with relatively small weekly dosages (200mg-300mg), athletes have a decrease in their own testosterone production. That is why the idea of ​​a “bridge” between courses on Primobolan is unsuccessful – the endogenous testosterone completely extinguished on the course cannot fully recover and such a regimen of medication use (course – bridge – course) is nothing but one of the so-called options. “Eternal” course.

The risk of side effects when taking inject Primobolan is minimal; The side effects appear only on particularly sensitive athletes in the form of small acne, a decrease in the tone of voice, increased hair growth on the body, and an acceleration of the balding process in susceptible pharmaceutical users. Prima is not toxic to the liver, an increase in the performance of this organ is possible only with sufficiently large working dosages (600mg – 800mg per week).


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Blood pressure and cholesterol when using metelonon remain in the normal range and only in very rare cases some deviations are observed. Meat gathered on the course using prima has excellent quality, which distinguishes metelonone from other steroids. The range of working (permissible) dosages is wide before failure and ranges from 200 mg per week to values ​​that you can afford, i.e. on the size of your wallet. People involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting can recommend 400mg – 800mg per week. Representatives of other sports disciplines (swimming, martial arts, etc.) may be more modest 200mg – 300mg per week.

Primobolan course

Primobolan is one of the safest speakers that are currently available on the black market for steroids. It can be safely recommended to beginners on the first course. Also, the use of primo can be advised to people who are afraid of health problems and avoid taking so-called. heavy steroids. To athletes whose experience in taking pharma is minimal or absent altogether, I can offer the following “bourgeois” option:

The course is for 8 weeks. 300mg – 400mg of primobolan per week + 50mg of oxandrolone per day. The expected effect of such a course: 3 – 4 kg of high-quality meat (subject to proper diet) and a minimum (absence) of side effects. The only disadvantage of such a “bourgeois” course is its cost … get ready to lay out at least 20,000 re, or even more. You can also try to put in a solo (200mg – 300mg per week), but this course is more suitable for athletes than supporters of true men’s sports (TA, BB, PL), because The effectiveness of this option with respect to the growth of force and mass is extremely doubtful.

Here is another version of the “compote” with the use of primobolan, which is ideal for cautious chemists, as well as for the rich Pinocchio tending to use only kosher chemistry:
Course for 8 weeks. 400mg – 600mg of prima per week + 240 – 280mg of andriol per day. This option, like the previous one, has two goals: a set of high-quality meat and the ability to keep your liver whole and intact.


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I will not accept it as a drug created purely for the needs and requirements of the young. Metelonon is well suited for experienced chemists. Moreover, the use of this mild anabolic is not only justified by athletes, who have 3–4 courses, can become a good helper in bodybuilding and experienced chemists who have been experimenting with sports pharmacology for decades.

An interesting option, in my opinion, may be the following combination, which is designed for athletes with a little chemical experience:
Course for 6 – 8 weeks. 400mg – 600mg prima per week + 40mg of methandienone per day. At first glance it may seem that this is an attempt to combine an incompatible (“safe” drug + steroid, which has many possible side effects) and such a course does not make much sense.

However, such courses are designed for those who have already tried to chemize, using primitive schemes (methane solo or turinabol solo), and who want to progress in strength and mass further, without taking more serious speakers, thus leaving their bodies ” free and intact for future courses using heavy “compotes” from androgens and other unsafe drugs. For the same purpose, you can combine on the same course I will take Turinabol (with the same dosages and terms).

For experienced consumers, I can offer several options:

  • 1) Course for 10 – 12 weeks. The first 8 to 10 weeks: Prima 400mg – 600mg per week + test enanthate 500mg per week + methane 50mg per day. Last 2 weeks of the course: test propionate 100 mg every other day + 50 mg turinabol per day. This course is a classic combination of androgen + anabolic; Introduction to the course of prima is justified by the fact that many athletes with distrust and even some fear (for their eggs) belong to nandrolone, which is a traditional mass kit and in many cases is included in such compotes. Also, I will often use in my androgenic courses those athletes who suffer from high blood pressure, which is a side effect of the use of testosterone with its irreversible aromatization. So in order to reduce the androgenic component of the course, without reducing its effectiveness, and combine the test with Prima.
  • 2) Course for 8 weeks. Prima 300mg – 400mg per week + 100mg of propionate test every other day + 300mg – 400mg tren acetate per week. This is also a very interesting and ambiguous batch. The goal of such a course is an active mass gain of very good quality with minimal water inlet. Here, in the classic course with the use of dough and training, primobolan is included. The introduction of metelonone as well as in the above variant is explained by an attempt to reduce the number of androgens and increase the anabolic component of such a combination, and therefore change the result in the direction of the best quality.
  • 3) The course is for 11 – 12 weeks. The first 8 weeks: Prima 400mg – 600mg per week + test enanthate 750mg per week + anadrol 50mg – 150mg per day. Last 3 – 4 weeks of the course: test propionate 100 mg every other day + 50 mg stanase per day. This option is only suitable for experienced chemists who have already poured liters of steroid oil and have non-sickly sports ambitions. The explosive combination test + anadrol is supplemented with harmless and weak prima. Why is this? The fact is that many bodybuilders note an interesting effect, which gives such a strange combination of Methelonone and Anadrol – anadrol behaves completely differently in the presence of prima than if he walked in a batch with testosterone alone. Prima as it softens the reception of anadrol, smoothes its unpleasant effect on the user’s body.




I have listed all the main uses for a prim, however there are still many different prim regimen regimens and combinations of it with other speakers that I find not appropriate. Some gurus from sports pharmacology recommend such ridiculous combinations as prima + stanaza, prima + boldenone, prima + nandrolone, etc. etc. I don’t see much sense in such mixes, I do not advise anyone to use them!